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Ranked #22 on the Fortune 500, Cardinal Health employs 34,000 people worldwide. More information about the ongoing company could be found at @CardinalHealth on Twitter.. PRESS RELEASE DUBLIN, Ohio, Dec. 17, 2014 — Cardinal Health is seeking tales of innovative, inspirational, passionate medical laboratory experts in the second calendar year of its urEssential award system, an award plan to identify medical laboratory experts and their contributions to the field of healthcare. Laboratorians are unsung heroes, operating quietly behind the scenes and contributing to care that is helping people live much longer, healthier lives, said Chris Kerski, senior vice president and general manager of Laboratory Items at Cardinal Health.Females who reported experiencing serious physical abuse as a child also had a 22 percent higher risk for starting their menstrual periods before the age of 11 years weighed against females who reported no abuse during childhood. The researchers found a dose-response association between severity of physical misuse and risk for late menarche. Indeed, compared with ladies who had no history of childhood abuse, those that reported mild physical abuse got a 17 percent higher risk for late-beginning point menarche. Females who reported moderate physical misuse experienced a 20 percent higher risk for late-onset menarche, while ladies who reported serious physical abuse acquired a 50 percent higher risk.