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Can probiotics replace the flu shot?

It could offer better protection compared to the flu vaccine, in fact it is known by us is safe! About the writer:Len Saputo, MD is normally board certified in internal medicine and is in personal practice focused on integrative, holistic, person-centered care at the Health Medicine Center ( in Walnut Creek, CA. Dr. Saputo is the founder of medical Medicine Forum ( and the author, with Byron Belitsos, of the Nautilus Gold Award winning book, ‘A Go back to Healing: Radical HEALTHCARE Reform and the Future of Medicine’ ( He and his wife, Vicki, possess hosted KEST radio’s ‘Prescriptions for Wellness’ show that airs daily for greater than a 10 years.There are numerous tested weight loss items in the marketplace, however they fall in the group of medicines. The focus is significantly on choosing ‘all-organic’ or ‘green’ weight reduction solution it doesn’t compromise on your own health. There exists a growing trend for only using natural dietary and nutritional formulations. When you pay genuine cambogia ultra precio, the extract has been got by you from the fruit garcinia cambogia. When you take this excess weight loss supplement you don’t have to be concerned about any relative unwanted effects.