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A new Columbia University School of Nursing research reports.

The authors note that their research was limited by one urban community and didn’t focus on actual meals purchasing behavior but rather on the posted menu boards in chain restaurants. Still, they say, their work suggests the necessity for more useful and understandable calorie information in published menus. ‘As further legislation is developed, we support the FDA within their commitment to having menu boards that are useful at all known levels of literacy,’ they conclude. Particularly, the authors support a system that uses dashes or slashes to more intuitively associate calorie counts to meals combinations rather than the current program of ranges. In that revised system, a breakfast sandwich, for instance, would be listed as ‘egg with ham/bacon/sausage 350/550/750.’ ‘In low-income communities with a higher density of chain restaurants, and where educational attainment of consumers may be low, simplifying calorie postings and minimizing the math necessary to calculate calorie consumption would increase menu table utility,’ they state..Even though the authors indicated that a lot of URIs are viral, and thus not really amenable to treatment with antibiotics, a minority of the illnesses actually are bacterial and might respond to the drugs, he said. When physicians prescribe antibiotics for these URIs, though, they seldom know the reason for the infection. Many viruses and bacteria trigger the same symptoms. It's extremely tricky to figure out [the root causes], said Coles. Both parents and clinicians have to be trained in order to avoid overuse and inappropriate use [of antibiotics], Coles stated. This will help ensure that the medications shall continue steadily to work when they are really needed..