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CIP-ISOTRETINOIN uses the patent-protected Lidose drug delivery system, which delivers super-bioavailability for relatively water-insoluble compounds. Cipher was issued a patent for CIP-ISOTRETINOIN by america Patent and Trademark Workplace in 2008. We are pleased to reach this scientific advancement milestone for our novel isotretinoin formulation, stated Larry Andrews. Isotretinoin is the most effective treatment for severe, nodular acne. We believe this product’s unique attributes, the more consistent absorption profile especially, would provide a significant advancement in the treating severe acne and provide dermatologists an excellent alternative.TriAvir fully conforms to all ongoing wellness Canada regulations and requirements for marketing a medication in the Canadian health care system. As per Canadian regulations, the product can only end up being exported to eligible countries under CAMR and can’t be sold in Canada before relevant patents expire. Apotex is making Apo Triavir at cost, with the price quoted in the Tender at 19.5 cents per tablet. The three individual AIDS brand products would cost around $6.00 per dose if bought individually.