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Cancer cluster identified in Highland.

Lucas agrees, having also informed reporters that she believes something is certainly going on. For the time being, NYSDH officials intend to interview both the parents and their kids to identify potential exposures to carcinogenic components. The neighborhood water supply has been tested and reportedly came up clean already. NYSDH hasn’t indicated how long it expects the investigation to take also. I do want answers even though it’s not going to change my scenario whatsoever, added Malheiro.Borchers believes. ‘The hope is these reviews will provide superb data and a stimulus for continuing research and advancement in medical practice for the topics shown.’.. Antioxidant Blend May Offer Protection in Lifestyle Threatening Conditions A newly released research suggests that providing yourself with a wide spectrum of antioxidants will offer you protection even under such intense conditions as total body irradiation. In the April As published, 2008 edition of Radiation Research, the objective of this scholarly research was to determine whether a dietary supplement comprising L-selenomethionine, vitamin C, supplement E succinate, alpha-lipoic acid and N-acetyl cysteine could improve the survival of mice after total body irradiation.