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They state heart attacks arent simply the domain of hostile and explosive types.

The experts at the University of Southern California in LA have found that males who scored the highest on tests of panic were 30 to 40 % more likely than the others to possess a coronary attack, and these figures remained so even when the standard heart dangers such as diet plan and smoking were considered. Psychologist Biing-Jiun Shen and colleagues say that the results had been over and beyond what might be explained by blood pressure, obesity, cholesterol, age group, cigarette smoking, blood sugar levels and additional cardiovascular risk elements.Dr Bernie Siegel, founder of ‘Exceptional Cancer Individuals’ recently discussed the consequences of pets on coronary attack victims in Australia. His study revealed that after twelve months, 6 percent of individuals who owned a pup had died, weighed against a 25 percent mortality price in those who didn’t own a dog. Dr Siegel provides seen firsthand the extraordinary results pets can possess on our wellbeing and health. He has observed a positive transformation in body when pets remain.