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An unlimited supply of hydrogen energy from wastewater?

Folks are investing huge amounts of money into technologies which have large scale impacts on energy creation, added Logan. But there are methods to make the same kind of change from the summation of smaller sized advances. Like many of the other energy developments that have been announced recently, only time will inform if Logan’s hydrogen advancement forms up into an actual product, or if it will merely remain an unfulfilled fantasy. Sources for this story include:.. An unlimited supply of hydrogen energy from wastewater? New research suggests it’s possible Hydrogen-based energy technology currently lacks the capability to effectively and efficiently produce hydrogen about a large scale apart from the heavy input of fossil fuels which defeats the reason entirely..

CDC: 147 West Nile deaths in U.S. This full year There have been 3,545 cases of West Nile virus reported in the U.S. As of Sept. 25, based on the latest figures released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Wednesday. Of theses full cases, 147 possess proven fatal this full year. The new numbers through last week are the highest quantity of West Nile virus disease cases reported since September 2003. West Nile virus situations continue to climb, CDC says What’s making the 2012 West Nile virus outbreak the worst ever? CDC: Dramatic jump in West Nile virus cases as US faces among largest outbreaks ever seen About 51 %, or 1,816 cases, are classified as neuroinvasive disease or brain-related, which include meningitis or encephalitis. The remaining 1,729 instances are non-neuroinvasive.