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Sedation is the condition agitation and irritability without reason. It also results in somnolence. Somnolence is actually the process of reduction of sleep in disorders like rest apnea etc. Which is unusual and uncontrollable. One must adhere to dosage for greatest results. It must be consumed with large glass water. A person with medication history is advised to avoid third drug. A person should prevent fatty meals and alcohol while on course as it has adverse effects like hallucinations etc. Over dosage must deal with with emergency care. In case of over dosage it could result in shallow breathing, headache, body discomfort, nervousness, fast heartbeat, fever, seizure, muscles stiffness etc. A person suffering from kidney disorder and any disorder related to the liver must prevent taking carisoprodol.Politico: Cardin Out To Rescue Wellness Reform Sen. Ben Cardin has a tough job: He must defend the still-unpopular health reform legislation and 23 Democratic Senate seats in the 2012 election cycle. The Maryland Democrat says the center of the defense is to win back small-business owners and seniors, while at the same time embracing popular efforts to modify the law widely, such as the repeal of the 1099 tax-reporting provision . MinnPost: Michele Bachmann’s Health Care ‘Cover-Up’ Fees Hard To Fathom The other day, Rep.