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The contraceptive performance study showed the efficiency is similar to that of a normal, fitted diaphragm when both are used with a contraceptive gel. ‘Clinical research confirm the single-size style fits most females who could use a traditional diaphragm,’ said Gustavo Doncel, MD, PhD, scientific and executive director of CONRAD. ‘In the lately published contraceptive effectiveness research, 76 % of women could actually insert and position the diaphragm simply using instructions correctly. With coaching, 94 % of ladies were able to insert, position correctly, and remove the diaphragm. This will make it better to provide and make use of consistently.’ Reproductive medical researchers have already been watching the advancement of this product, and looking forward to this announcement. ‘The Association for Reproductive Health Professionals supports the option of a broad range of secure, effective contraceptive methods, so women can choose the method that is best for them,’ said Wayne C.Experts say no complications were reported in those 20 patients. Researchers shall continue to look for other individuals treated with CPT-F for MRSA pneumonia, and will match these patients to others treated with different antibiotics to carry out a matched cohort analysis.

Boxing more threatening than mixed fighting techinques, shows study Mixed martial arts includes a reputation for being probably the most bloody and brutal of most contact sports, but the the truth is boxing poses a larger risk of severe injury, according to brand-new research from the University of Alberta.