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As of 28 December, 2013, cash, cash equivalents and marketable securities totaled around[1] $2,261,336. Frank Jaksch, Jr. 2013 and recent 2014 Firm highlights include: In March 2013, the ongoing firm licensed from Washington University unique worldwide patent rights linked to the recently discovered vitamin, nicotinamide riboside . The full total sale transaction value was approximately $6.0 million, which consisted of a combined mix of cash, senior secured debt and an ownership interest in NeutriSci.Benjamin Nowell, PhD, Director of Patient-Centered Research at CreakyJoints, and many Arthritis Power Individual Governors who participated in the project. Arthritis Power may be the 1st ever patient-led, patient-generated, patient-centered research registry for arthritis. Nowell. This pilot research demonstrated the feasibility of even more integral patient involvement by developing CPG suggestions predicated on a voting panel composed entirely of patients. Notably, the task showed that sufferers developed almost the same recommendations as physician-dominated panels for questions where there was evidence warranting moderate to high confidence.