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NORTH PARK School of Medicine.

Clinical trial of stem cell-derived therapy for individuals with Type 1 diabetes Researchers at the University of California, NORTH PARK School of Medicine, together with ViaCyte, Inc ., a San Diego-based biotechnology firm focusing on regenerative medicine, have released the first-ever human Stage I/II scientific trial of a stem cell-derived therapy for patients with Type 1 diabetes. The trial will measure the efficacy and protection of a fresh investigational drug called VC-01, that was approved for testing by the U recently.S. Food and Drug Administration. The 2-12 months trial will involve 4-6 testing sites, the first coming to UC San Diego, and will recruit approximately 40 research participants.

Would donate a supplementary $150 million to help poor countries place the tools in place to greatly help stop the pass on of HIV, furthermore to setting funds for more research aside. Last year, the world spent $16.8 billion fighting AIDS in harder-hit poor countries. The blueprint lays out the stark choices we’ve: To stick to the baseline and discover an epidemic flatline or grow, or ramp up to continue improvement, stated Chris Collins of amFAR, the building blocks for AIDS Research. World AIDS Day 2012 occurs on December 1.. Clinton reveals roadmap to end AIDS worldwide To achieve an AIDS-free generation, the National government has announced an ambitious roadmap to slash the global pass on of the condition, which infected 2.5 million people worldwide this past year despite a decade-extended decline in new an infection rates.