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Professor Lingzhi Kong, the deputy director of disease control at China’s Ministry of Wellness says the research provides vital evidence to aid in the formulation of China’s public health plan on nutrient supplementation in being pregnant, that will hopefully create a significant reduction in the real amount of infant deaths.. Australian Chinese team effort shows iron could save the lives of China’s children A united team work between Australian and Chinese researchers could save the lives of several Chinese babies.Thomsen, M.D., Ph.D., of Aarhus Aalborg and University Hospital, Aalborg, Denmark, and colleagues reviewed data from 29,900 adults hospitalized with pneumonia between 1997 and 2004. Of the, 1,371 were taking statins at the time. Mortality [loss of life] among statin users was less than among non-users: 10.3 % vs. 15.7 % after 30 days and 16.8 % vs. 22.4 % after 90 days, the authors write. The cheapest relative death rate associated with statins was seen in patients more than 80 and in those with bacteremia. The variations became apparent during the first few weeks of hospitalization, an interval associated with a high number of pneumonia-related deaths, plus they increased just between 30 and 3 months after admission minimally, which suggests that statin use is beneficial in the first phase of infection primarily.