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This makes family members planning less difficult.

Anti-M-llerian hormone levels predict menopausal age in women Test shall make family planning easier, Dutch researchers sayThe age-specific blood degrees of the Anti-M-llerian hormone can predict when women will reach menopause. This makes family members planning less difficult, say fertility researchers from the University INFIRMARY Utrecht, The Netherlands after intake . Their findings were published on the web May 26 in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism. Generally, ladies enter menopause between the age group of forty and sixty. A woman’s fertility, nevertheless, ends ten years ahead of this and in the most unfavorable situations occurs around age thirty.

Interestingly, those very same doctors and critics don’t believe it’s ridiculous at all for people to go through radical surgical procedures, chemotherapy, radiation, and extremely toxic prescription medication therapy in order to lengthen their lives for a couple more months. So there’s a great contradiction in the minds of doctors who instantly believe anything they haven’t been taught must be quackery; meanwhile, anything they prescribe to sufferers, no matter how bizarre or barbaric, is scientifically ‘proven’. So what’s the real story when it comes to anti-aging medicine in the first place? Can daily injections of HGH and daily supplementation with specific nutritional supplements make you younger? The answer is a qualified ‘yes’.