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California Rulings: State can cut Medi-Cal benefits however.

‘The cuts remain effective July 1 and include adult dental, podiatry, optometry, psychology and speech therapy benefits’ . In other California information, ‘The Schwarzenegger administration offers rejected a plan made to end years of litigation over inmate health care in California’s prison program,’ The Associated Press reports. ‘In a letter acquired Thursday by The Associated Press, Corrections Secretary Matthew Cate tells a court-appointed receiver that the state cannot afford the $1.9 billion fix Cate agreed to last month.’ In 2007, Schwarzenegger signed legislation to provide ‘$8 billion for prison structure, including $1 billion focused on healthcare improvements.’ And ‘the federal courts, that have ruled the care in California prisons is so poor that it violates inmates’ civil rights, have threatened to take cash from the state treasury to repair the system directly.’ But ‘Schwarzenegger said in a statement Thursday that California cannot afford the additional cost’ .This type of cancer is encouraged by diets rich in animal fat and discouraged by diets full of vegetables. This is grounds why cancer of the colon is rarer in china and taiwan where there is less fat in the dietary plan. Most of the time, diagnosis of localized cancer of the colon is manufactured via colonoscopy, where a flexible tube is positioned into the colon with a little camera. This procedure can be carried out under sedation for more squeamish individuals. Another diagnostic test which may be utilized is double comparison barium enema. Once cancer has been found in the colon, staging lab tests are performed to find out if the cancer has pass on and, if so, from what degree. Colon cancer is staged based on the size of the tumor and if it is becoming invasive .