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Says a study released from the University of Alberta.

‘We are uniquely positioned to get this done research in Alberta because of the APPROACH data source,’ said Graham. ‘And today we are viewing the other provinces, and countries even, follow fit and create similar databases of their personal.’.. Call for greater usage of angiograms in Canada More tests have to be prescribed to save and prolong the lives of Canadians living with coronary artery disease, says a study released from the University of Alberta.Amaurosis fugax: a warning symptom of impending stroke A 23-year-old girl presented to her GP complaining of a one-minute episode of sudden-onset complete blindness of her left eye that morning, which had spontaneously resolved quickly. Her vision was back again to normal now. The patient have been in a vehicle accident four days previously and acquired no injuries other than a sore throat.

Brain research to greatly help in fight heart disease Scientists in the University of Liverpool, supported by the Uk Heart Foundation, are learning blood circulation in the human brain to help expand medical understanding of coronary disease. Around one in eight folks are diagnosed with an illness of the center or circulatory program in the united kingdom each year and greater than a 100,000 of the cases bring about death.