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Cocoa flavanols reduce memory loss from aging.

Studies show that such cognitive decline can begin in early adulthood but generally does not affect standard of living before 50s at the earliest. Because chocolate manufactures generally strip most of the flavanols from the cocoa used, the experts used a special cocoa-flavanol-rich drink manufactured by Mars, Inc., for research purposes. Thirty-seven healthy volunteers between the age range of 50 and 69 were then randomly designated to a diet plan either low or saturated in flavanols, including either 10 mg or 900 mg each day respectively.Dr. Coulter is an investigator at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Study Institute. He is a professor of Neuroscience and Pediatrics at the University of Pennsylvania College of Medicine, where he directs the University’s Middle for Dynamic Imaging of Neuronal Function. He provides received a Javits Neuroscience Investigator Award of the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke , and was Chair of the second Gordon Research Meeting on Epilepsy. He’s active in many educational and scientific actions of the American Epilepsy Society, and has served as an editor of the journals Epilepsy Currents, Epilepsy Analysis, and Epilepsia, among various other publications.