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Say scientists from Dana-Farber Tumor Institute.

The group led by Dana-Farber’s Bruce Spiegelman, PhD, showed that a previously known molecular change, PRDM16, regulates the creation of brown fat from immature muscle mass cells. In addition they determined that the procedure is a two-way street: Knocking out PRDM16 in brown fats cells can convert them into muscle tissue cells. However, Spiegelman known as the latter an experimental lab trick for which he currently envisions no practical applications. The huge surprise of the analysis results, he stated, was that muscle mass precursor cells known as satellite cells have the ability to give birth to dark brown fat cells beneath the control of PRDM16.It cleans the upper coating of epidermis and gets rid of unwanted hair.. Cancers cells fueled by the mutant KRAS oncogene could be killed by blocking its genetic partner Tumor cells fueled by the mutant KRAS oncogene, which makes them notoriously difficult to treat, can be killed by blocking a more vulnerable genetic partner of KRAS, report scientists in the Dana-Farber Cancers Institute and the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT. The laboratory results, published by Nature on its Site as an advanced online publication and later on in a printing edition, demonstrate a potential progress against many major tumors which, because they harbor the mutant KRAS cancers gene, are intense and respond poorly to treatment highly.