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Up to one-third are not.

.. Chemotherapy is an advantageous treatment women and elderly Although all eligible patients with stage III cancer of the colon should be offered adjuvant chemotherapy treatment because it improves survival, up to one-third are not, and many of the excluded patients are women and the elderly, say researchers who looked at data from more than 85,000 patients. In the Journal of the American Medical Association, the investigators found that individuals who received chemotherapy after procedure to take care of their advanced colon cancer experienced a 16 % improved benefit in relative five-year survival compared with patients who were not treated with chemotherapy.Atrazine can be used in large amounts on corn crops in the usa and is arriving in high concentrations inside our drinking water. Atrazine offers been associated with breasts tumors, delayed puberty and prostate swelling in animals and it’s been associated with prostate cancer in human beings in recent study. How to prevent it? Buy food that’s minimally packaged in secure materials such as for example glass or other nonplastic containers. DDT provides been banned for agricultural make use of globally but it continues to be being utilized for malaria in a few countries. In addition, it continues showing up in human beings and animals actually where it is not utilized for 30 or 40 years.