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Health officials said Friday.

Special Report: H1N1 Virus H1N1: A Parents’ Guide The government sent a few of the stockpile to states in the spring and more earlier this full month. To replenish the source, the government has ordered even more from Tamiflu’s producer, Switzerland-centered Roche Holdings, he added. But that medication isn’t expected to come in until early next 12 months. Pharmacies are able to convert adult Tamiflu capsules – which are in great supply – to pediatric doses, he added.This medical trial has been conducted under the guidance of Professor Jordi Bruix of the Barcelona Clinic Liver Cancer Group of the University of Barcelona and Professor Riccardo Lencioni of the University of Pisa College of Medicine. While patient enrollment can be underway in Pisa, the clinical trial has been initiated at three other sites including two medical centers in Germany and one in Spain. AngioDynamics plans that, in total, seven centers will participate in the study. ‘The first patient treatment and ongoing enrollment in the HCC study represent important milestones in the business’s Irreversible Electroporation development system,’ stated Jan Keltjens, AngioDynamics CEO and President. ‘Our technique with NanoKnife is to proceed carefully and methodically to build a body of evidence that demonstrates the scientific efficacy and protection of the system for the treatment of specific cancers.’ Updates on the position of the scholarly study, titled ‘A Potential, Multi-Middle, Clinical Trial Using Irreversible Electroporation for the Treatment of Early-Stage Hepatocellular Carcinoma ,’ are available at As of March 31, 2010, physicians have treated a complete of 154 individuals in 11 centers around the world, utilizing the NanoKnife IRE System.