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Controlling end of life treatment is a problem for all health staff.

The Hollier Simulation Center, based at Good Wish Hospital, uses high fidelity mannequins, along with actors and educated staff, to simulate end of life situations, in order to help teach doctors, nurses and treatment workers from hospices, among other healthcare professionals. Sufferers approaching the finish of their lives are often struggling to take medications orally and this delivery program enables a combination of medications to be given. In one of the scenarios we deliberately detach the pump from the individual to simulate it having been pulled out by the patient who’s agitated. It is important that all doctors and nurses who look after patients by the end of lifestyle know about how a syringe driver works and the potential problems that may occur.What we found was interesting. In three-quarters of the individuals who had an MRI performed, we were able to identify a plausible reason that heart rhythm occurred. Whenever we looked at the traditional testing and in only half a cause was found by the patients. So this made an extremely big and incremental difference to your diagnosis of these patients. We found that about 50 percent of that time period also, we provided either a alternate or new diagnosis for this patient population.