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Aware declares special money dividend of $1.

We motivate shareholders to get hold of their brokers to be able to understand the Nasdaq Regulations regarding the aftereffect of offering shares of our common share following a record date on the eligibility to get the dividend.. Aware declares special money dividend of $1.80 per share Aware, Inc. , a respected supplier of biometrics software program and DSL assistance assurance products, on November 19 previously announced, 2012 that its Plank of Directors experienced declared a particular cash dividend of $1.80 per talk about, or approximately $40 million altogether.The probability that this difference occurred by chance is less than 1 in 100. Dr Chinedu Nwokoro, among the researchers of the analysis and an active cyclist, said: ‘The results of this study show that cycling in a large European city increases contact with black carbon. This may be due to several factors including the reality that cyclists breathe more deeply and at a quicker rate than pedestrians while in nearer proximity to exhaust fumes, that could increase the quantity of airborne contaminants penetrating the lungs. Our data strongly claim that personal exposure to black carbon should be considered when preparing cycling routes.